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HO.RE.CA. Applications - Water and Restaurants
The use of treated H2O in the professional preparation of foods makes the dishes naturally tastier and more genuine. The FMP systems are able to satisfy the need to cook the best raw materials, vegetables, meats, pasta, etc., without altering the true natural taste. Applications can be from the steam oven to the kettle, avoiding limescale and machine stoppages. This leads to a more regular and economical operation (less energy). FMP also has professional dispensing systems for the three waters: smooth, chilled and carbonated with both over-counter and under-bench systems with various solutions in size and type of treatment.

Water treatment for all needs
FMP water treatments offer the right solution for every need: from softening to partial demineralization, from total demineralisation to reverse osmosis.

There are many reasons to install a professional water treatment:
  • the functionality of the dishwasher / glasses is preserved over time, extending the service life; the costs of machine downtime as well as maintenance costs are reduced.
  • detergent and rinse aid perform their function effectively with smaller dosages.
  • no more limescale deposits on which dirt and bacteria can be hidden.
  • professional dispensers with or without programmable dosing

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