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 OFFICE Applications - Water for the Office
Access to safe water directly from the mains, in the company, is always seen as a limit.
Normally, the will to provide a service to the employees is limited only to choose a vending machine of bottles of water in a plastic container or the use of Bottled Water Coolers.
Without prejudice to the practicality, the quality of the product and the plastic waste generate problems both of satisfaction and management of waste going against the ethical and quality principles that every modern company, today, has as key pillars in its every day management.

The solution: direct water purifier systems FMP.
  • limited ordinary maintenance
  • no waste
  • Healthy H2O dechlored, tasteless and odorless
  • very low management cost
  • no stock, therefore, optimized spaces
  • customizable solutions for every need
  • also vending

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