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The treatment of mains water for both industrial and human consumption can be of various kinds. FMP proposes systems for the treatment and refining of mains water with reverse osmosis technology. Basically with the FMP systems the treated water is "sieved" at the molecular level, preventing dissolved substances, mineral salts, heavy metals and organisms of various kinds (viruses / bacteria, etc.) from being used during the application.

In the industrial waters sector FMP specializes in particular in the water treatment for professional glasswashers and dishwashers currently on the market. This allows us to use our products almost anywhere. The high flow rates and the high pressures that we are able to generate, combined with the minimum overall dimensions and attractive design, mean that the FMP products are among the best on the market.
FMP in the water treatment sector for human consumption, is able to propose and market systems that use reverse osmosis technology, in direct production, and possibly with the addition of remineralization systems through top-of-the-range alkalizing filters.

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