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FMP specializes in both industrial and human consumption water treatment. The two sectors are proposed and followed by highly qualified personnel, who not only are able to communicate the best technical solution available but are able to design in collaboration with the leading specialists in the markets.

The treatment of mains water for both industrial and human consumption can be of various kinds. FMP proposes systems for the treatment and refining of mains water with reverse osmosis technology. Basically with the FMP systems the treated water is "sieved" at the molecular level, preventing dissolved substances, mineral salts, heavy metals and...

FMP proposes both ready designed and engineered machines and its availability to customize new systems. To be able to continuously dispose of large amounts of fresh, plain or sparkling water directly from the water supply, the vending machines of FMP, as well as being a hygienically safe and a economically intelligent choice, are above all a great gift...

FMP offers a wide range of water dispenser systems, chillers and purifiers, able to meet any need, both in the domestic and professional fields: functional, performing and exclusive products that reflect the passion, research and the constant innovation. Thanks to the technological performance of the filtration systems, the FMP...

FMP offers a wide range of products for softening mains water. Softening with ion-exchange resins is an effective system for removing encrusting salts from water such as calcium and magnesium carbonate.
This method is effectively used both in domestic and industrial environments, varying the size and use...

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